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Meet the TRIPLETT Team

Mr. & Mrs. Triplett

Dion and Marcedes
is the making of a very powerful husband and wife Real Estate Team.
  We have been Successfully and Happily married for over 18 years.  
We have 5 wonderful daughters and 3 beautiful granddaughters.  
We are each others best friend and take on life together like God Intended,
a Faithful and Loyal Partnership.  Although Life can bring about its ups and downs,
we continue to beat the odds and surpass All and Any Downfalls.
Our Dedication and Committment to each other and our family is the main ingredient needed when hiring a qualified Real Estate Agent in making sure your Needs are met.

Fed up with unorganized, slow, unprofessional, no results getting Real Estate Agents,
we decided to give Las Vegas something to brag about.
Our Mission as Licensed Professional Realtors is to get ALL THINGS DONE Period when it comes to offering Real Estate Services.  We can make what others seem
impossible become Possible.  Over the years, we have met and networked with lots of other Professionals that have enabled us to connect the dots and get better results
with difficult real estate deals.  Allow us to work for YOU!  

Dion Triplett
Is no stranger to hard work and dedication.  Growing up with both parents that took pride in making sure Dion was a well-rounded individual was their #1priority.   Having a father that loved him very much and worked very hard to support his family showed Dion at an early age that being responsible and a loyal father and husband was important to him as well.   As a retired Detroit Police Officer, Dion learned the importance of protecting and serving his community and looking out for people’s best interest.  As your Personal Realtor, Dion will always strive to maintain a high level of knowledge and competence of his Profession.  He knows it is his duty to listen and learn his client needs and bring their dreams to REALITY!
Let Dion help you with buying, selling and/or renting your new residence.
He is committed to helping you in today’s active and competitive market.
He will GET IT DONE!

Marcedes Triplett

born and raised in Detroit, Michigan.  Marcedes brings more than a decade of  knowledge and experience when it comes to Real Estate and Business.  Praticing Real Estate since 1997 and owning serveral businesses give her the business savvy to get thru tough deals with ease.  Her passion in Real Estate and being blessed with the talents of interior design brings about a womans touch in being able to scope out Prime Real Estate with great Potential.  Her vast understanding for customer service and her organizational skills will be a benefit to anyone seeking a Realtor that actually pays attention to detail and the client actual needs.  Being aware and knowledgeable of alot of things that could go wrong in a real estate transaction, Marcedes aims to stay on top of all the details from the actual search or listing to the actual closing.  She promises to always go that extra mile in making sure all the clients real estate needs are met.    

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